Digital technologies, particularly smartphones, have become more than a tool for countless people today. The smartphone technology has catapulted its status into one of the key elements in our lifestyle. Think about it; we use smartphones to look for places to eat, hotels to stay at, book flights, and to check up on how our family and friends are doing. The things that you can do with the modern crop of mobile phones are endless, and businesses realize that.


In fact Google announced three years ago that mobile web searches surpassed desktop searches significantly. This signaled the advertising and marketing trend gearing towards mobile phones.  If you want to know more about B2B Marketing 2019 on Mobile, keep on reading.


What is B2B?

B2B or Business to Business Marketing is the technique used by many companies that deal with products and services. The B2B method of marketing involves promotion of a company’s offers to another company. This type of marketing has many similarities to the usual consumer marketing. However, the B2B buyers make their decisions to elevate the standing of their company in terms of profit.


Rise of B2B on Mobile

Regardless of what service or product your business is offering, or who your target market is, mobile marketing strategies should be on the top of your list. Since your consumer prefers looking at your company through their mobile devices, business buyers reflect the same thing as well. Mobile devices are now considered as the ideal way to discover potential vendors and future service providers.


In a study by Millward Brown Digital and Google, around 42% of researchers use their mobile phone for purchase matters, and this is not just limited to the B2B researchers that are in their homes. They also use their mobile devices for work while they are at their office. Furthermore, Google reported that around 50% of all inquiries about B2B were made using smartphones.


Why Push for Mobile B2B?

In order to make sure that your company is not letting opportunities go, advancing your customers’ and business researchers’ mobile experiences are the best thing to do. A research by Regalix found out that approximately two-thirds of B2B companies are already equipped with apps and even maintain their own mobile websites. This is why having this is not enough to cut out the competition.


The key is to use your mobile advantage is to make and promote a strong brand that will resonate with people who use their mobile phones to keep up with the upward trend of its use in shopping. In fact, over 90% of marketers who use mobile marketing said that they have consistently produced better ROIs.


The way businesses are approaching how to present their offers is changing. Now, mobile-friendly sites are ranked higher than desktop-only ones. Boston Consulting Group, a multi-industry consulting group said that although B2B purchasing is complicated, tons of buyers have been using smartphones and this is reshaping the B2B Marketing 2019 scene. Additionally, pushing for moves to enhance B2B on mobile devices increases client loyalty and makes a great difference in decreasing the purchasing time.


Crafting B2B Mobile Experience

Creating an effective mobile experience relies on a mobile-first foundation. It is essential to understand mobile technology’s role to engage customers and buyers and to develop a surefire strategy for each market.


Another important aspect to note is to use all of the advantages of smartphones and other mobile devices such as helpful links, cookies, and location data. Strategizing on the aesthetics to be used is also immensely helpful in order to attract attention. Understanding that people need a more personalized feel throughout their time on your site is also vital. With B2B Marketing 2019, growing your business can finally become a reality.


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